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Islander is a new musical with music & lyrics by Scottish composer Finn Anderson. This was my first time MDing a full show, and I got to share the role with my best buddy, Mitchell Huntley!


There's no accompaniment or orchestration; Finn instead opted for a score of entirely live vocal looping. Although I've been using a looping pedal for 10+ years for my own solo performances, teaching & conducting actors using a 5 channel looping station was a bit tougher than expected.

With Adelina Marinello as Eilidh & Mariana Leone as Arran, we told the story of a young girl living on a small Scottish island called Kinnan. The island population shrinks as many families move to the mainland, & Eilidh (the only kid left on the island) questions the island's future while sorting out family conflicts. Eventually, she's joined on the island by a young girl named Arran who claims to be from a floating island in the sea. Their friendship drives the story.

Director: Kristen Waagner ||| Producer: Griffin Minster

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