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The Notebook:

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The Notebook

Composer/Lyricist: Ingrid Michaelson --- Book: Bekah Brunstetter --- Directors: Michael Greif & Schele Williams

Music Director: Geoffrey Ko --- Music Supervisor: Carmel Dean --- Co-Orchestrator: John Clancy --- Choreographer: Katie Spelman

This Summer, my friend Joe and I were invited to intern with Joann Kane Music Service, the company that would be preparing the sheet music for the Pre-Broadway workshop of a new musical: The Notebook (adapted from the book & movie). I'd been following news about the show for over a year, but never imagined I'd be fortunate enough to work on the piece at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

We started work at the first orchestra rehearsal, and through the end of previews, we consistently came in to take notes for the music team, to print new scores, to make pencil notes in the orchestra players' books, and often just to sit in on rehearsals. We were hired as interns, but after being called in more than initially expected, Joe and I were each offered the title of Music Assistant.

The Notebook is rumoured/expected to open on Broadway within the calendar year.

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