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Year 1:

Waa has been my home at Northwestern since day 1. My freshman year, I got the chance to perform in the Evanston area & in workshop readings of the 89th Annual Waa-Mu Show as a member of Waa-2! Weeks before rehearsals began, covid spread through the US & sent us all home, requiring that we quickly adjust our show & our process to work entirely over Zoom. I signed on for Team Music, the team within Waa that develops the the score into full arrangements & then orchestrations after the Winter writing class comes to an end. I got to orchestrate sections of 2 songs: My Own, & Sixteenth Avenue.

Year 2:

As a sophomore, I made my music direction debut with Waa-2! I arranged medleys of Waa-Mu songs for virtual events, started & managed our social media profiles, coached & edited solo videos of my ensemble members, & organized scores of past Waa shows into books, with the hopes of helping future Waa-2 MDs who want to find solo songs from past shows, but don't know where to look.

That year I also joined the writing team & composed the 11 o'clock number: Nothing Has To Change

As a member of the cast, I recorded all of my material for the show alone in my apartment. It would later be compiled with the other actors' footage to make a movie-musical Waa-Mu. We orchestrated for 15 pieces & hired players to join us in the Barber theatre to 'professionally' record the score. At first we were only producing audio for the release of the show itself; We later revisited those files & polished them for the album release on Spotify & Apple Music.

Year 3:

In my third year, I served as Assistant Music Director on the Admin team!

I continued to write, developing 3 songs, & overseeing the final section of the show, which included the 11 o'clock number & the finale.

My songs: My Time To Shine (music & lyrics), You & I (music & orchestrations), & My Fair Share (music, lyrics, & orchestrations)

15 minutes before the first rehearsal, I was asked to join the ensemble & take the place of an actor who decided to drop the process.

Year 4:

As a senior, I had the privilege of Co-Music Directing the Waa-Mu Show, as well as co-writing many of the songs and leading a small handful or orchestration teams! More details to come, as well as a cast album which will release everywhere by the end of this year!

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 9.57.21 PM.png
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